Why a GOFFEES Concession? 

So why choose GOFFEES for a Business?

  • Flexible and Affordable Development Options: The choice is yours; You can start your GOFFEES business in one of the 97 Business Units in Gas Stations in Houston, Texas, and continue your growth with 4 more Business Units. In addition, for qualified Dealers, we have expansion options that include development opportunities in other Modalities. 

  • Low Startup Costs - Only $29.8K initial investment! We offer easy-to-qualify third-party financing options to help you open your Goffees Concession. Your Investment includes all of your Start-up Supplies, Dry and Fresh Inventory. With low-cost annual fees so you only have to pay once a year, allowing you to generate enough Earnings before the payment due date. We believe in keeping our Concession fees and your start-up costs as low as possible, allowing you more room to succeed and making it easier to expand your own business.
  • Dealership Training that Puts You in Charge: Our Corporate team knows what it means to open a business. Customer Service. We have taken all of our experiences and created the Dealer Training Program. Best of all, our training programs are delivered both online (so you can study at your own pace) and in the Live Field.
  • Digital training for Goffees-Baristas: Get access to our Exclusive Training Website https://www.baristagoffeestrainingcenter.com/ that includes the menu recipes of https://www.baristagoffeestrainingcenter.com/ and appropriate Sales and Service techniques Customer Service for faster, more efficient service, easy operation, reduced costs, higher revenues, and happy customers.

The coffee and casual beverage preparation industry continues to be a successful and profitable business. With annual growth and opportunities to expand your income, you'll see the value in Goffees LLC. will provide you and your family.

 Facts of the coffee industry...

 $48 billion in the US and $100 billion in the global and growing industry.

After crude oil, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world.

Coffee is the source of 75% of America's caffeine.

48% of millennials drink gourmet coffee beverages every day.

American coffee drinkers average 3 ½ cups of coffee every day.

64% of US consumers drink coffee on a daily basis..

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More reasons to start a GOFFEES Concession Business: 

  • Marketing and Brand Awareness: With our fast-growing Coffee and Casual Beverage business, customers know our name and trust our services. GOFFEES LLC. believes in maintaining a strong presence in the industry and on Social Media therefore invests in the best Digital Marketing teams. Our campaigns often included a variety of unique digital marketing approaches, such as endorsement of Thousands of Happy Customers and some giveaways to increase brand recognition for our Dealers.
  • Territory Protection: As a Dealer, you will have a protected territory where no other Goffees business will compete with you.

The independence you want with the support you need 

As a Goffees Dealer, we will provide you with a framework for success and the ability to build a business that fits your lifestyle. When you join the Goffees team, you'll have the choice of choosing the business development strategy that's right for you. Whether you start your Goffees business in one of the 97 Gas Station Business Units in Houston Texas, and continue to grow with 4 more Business Units, the tools for success are at your disposal. Now you may be wondering. "What do I do to get started? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our Development Associates are standing by and ready to walk you through the process.

Ideal candidates

The Characteristics of a Successful GOFFEES Coffee Dealership Owner. 

We are looking for candidates who are motivated to grow a successful business. It is someone who is looking for an opportunity. An ideal candidate for GOFFEES Handcraft Drinks and Coffee Concessions is someone who is passionate about the gourmet coffee industry and fully committed to helping us grow as a national company.

Not only is a good fit preferred, it is critical to a successful relationship.

We love candidates who are:

Passionate about the GOFFEES Handcraft Drinks brand and the premium products we offer Looking for a business that aligns with your income, wealth, and lifestyle goals.

Committed to actively participating in your business and community.

Excited to work under our proven Concessions system.

candidates who are passionate about these isn't just important to us, it's critical to who we are.

There is a lot of competition in our industry and we are determined to always stand out from the crowd.

Our people, our products, and our customer experience are what allow us to do this.

If you think you're a perfect fit for our GOFFEES coffee shop business, we'd love to hear from you. Visit our Steps to Homeownership page for more information on how to get started.